Moving Large MySQL Databases

I was upgrading my client’s vbulletin forum from one shared hosting server to another. The old server’s control panel was cpanel and new one is plesk. so I had to manually move the database (which is around 2 GB in size). I tried phpmysql but phpmysql doesn’t support large SQL files, so the alternate option was to try using SSH. But unfortunately both the old and new servers doesn’t support SSH too. It took a lot of search using Google to get a utility named bigdump, I managed to execute the entire script in some easy steps using this utility. Open this in notepad or some other editor, change the connection settings and specify the SQL dump file. Upload bigdump.php and the SQL file to the new server. Open a browser and point where bigdump.php is located in your server. That’s all; this will execute the script in batches. Thanks to Alexey Ozerov for providing this wonderful script.

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